A Century of Modern Art

The classification of modern art began in the mid-1800's and continued through the middle of the next century. This is one art category that does...


Art of the Old Masters

The end of the Middle Ages signified a series of major changes in the world of art. The European painters of the time added new...


A Look at Primitive Art

It would appear logical that primitive art, by definition, must have been created centuries ago. This category of art does not actually define any era...


Pre-Colombian Art

Voyages of exploration often have unplanned consequences, but few of them have had more impact on the classification of art than when Christopher Columbus set...

The world of art is often broken down into classifications for the purpose of easy identification. All of these classifications, and there are many, make it easier for people to identify. Some are associated with a group of people such as Old Masters. This type of art consisted mostly of paintings that were created by a group of European artists. Many of the artists actually created their works in other mediums, but only their paintings count when speaking of this group.

The time when a group of art began to be created is also part of art classification. Many people have heard of primitive art, and they often associate it with ancient relics. This is not quite true as modern artists continue to create primitive art. The category of modern art sounds as if it is being created today. Some of it is, but it actually began in the 1800's. All of these categories are simply specific ways to ensure people are talking about the same type of creations.