A Look at Primitive Art

It would appear logical that primitive art, by definition, must have been created centuries ago. This category of art does not actually define any era of history, but a style of art. Primitive, within the art world, actually means a piece is a simple representation and without embellishment. Primitive art was originally created centuries ago, but it is still popular today.

Modern artists often create primitive pieces that have a rough or unfinished look. Today's primitive art objects deals mainly with projecting simple concepts or one emotion onto a work. Pottery is one form of art where primitive has been a mainstay of style throughout the ages. An artist that specializes in pottery might choose to barely decorate their piece, or they might adorn it with only simple elements. Woodworkers use the same type of techniques to create modern primitive art. A carving might use very few lines to depict a simple scene. There is little or no detail to the piece, and the emphasis is on the central figure or object of the work.